jeudi, avril 07, 2005

The blog files

This doesn't look like a Blogspot blog, but we got it from the "blogs of note" section on the Blogger dashboard. Allegedly penned by Hollywood hottie David Duchovny, this blog tells the story of some boring ass movie that's coming out. Who cares what it says, picture Fox Mulder in his boxers, sitting on a hotel bed, blogging away! Could there be anything hotter? He's a blogger, just like we are! Except he has like, a million billion dollars and went to a fancy sex addict rehab with Kevin Costner (or not, that could just be a rumor.)

samedi, avril 02, 2005

Pepsi Fridge and the hot latin birthday

It's like the opening party scene from Less Than Zero, expcept it's only good looking, rich teenagers celebrating someone's birthday in a Latin country and a rented Pepsi fridge replaces the coke rails. The person who's 19th birthday it is must be either super beautiful, super rich or the best lay in the city because 400 people show up for their birthday and stay for about 12 hours, judging by these zillion photos

mercredi, mars 30, 2005


Ah, yes. This is what the internet is all about. Close the blinds, pass the Entemann's and Mr. Pibb, and abandon all hope of ever touching the genitals of the opposite sex.

mardi, mars 29, 2005


Mr Lopez has been having us read a great book in class by bell hooks, called The Will To Change: Men, masculinity and love , which, considering that I am only six years old, might seem beyond my comprehension, but Mr Lopez says that it is never to early to start understanding the patriarchy and it's effects on our lives and the lives of men and women that we love, and to do like the Buddha does and have active compassion to all people. Unfortunately, all of that goes out the window when I read things like this blog . Normally, on TGV, we try not to link to the blogs of the excessively ignorant, or assholes in general, but the blog of this slimy Canadian pussyhound who is currently plotting out new girls to fuck in the same post where he is complaining about having to pay for his girlfriends abortion was just beyond the pale.

vendredi, mars 25, 2005

No taste below the wasteland

The most disturbing thing about this blog is not that this woman is completely detached from reality and has taken up residence in the United States of Nasty Panty Photos. It's that she teaches at a college. Apparently posting a blurry pic of your boob next to the midterm question is one of those experimental education methods that parents pay so much for. (Ooh, I ended a sentence with a preposition. Perhaps I need to see some labia.)

mercredi, mars 23, 2005

Your new vest friend

Learning English on top of Korean proves to be mad tough, for our boy Cho but he is hanging in there, pontificating on world events, writing "America is a roudy (sic) who destroy peace of world" and in his editorial post entitled "japan is bad". Though the jury is still out whether this is a feminist treatise or an advocacy for his female friend to get plastic surgery to be prettier, so she can get a better job. I am only a 9 year old french boy, but, personally, I like my women au naturale...

Countdown to Baby Johnson

Sorry pervs, it's not what you think. Baby blogs (blogs on which the parent reports on daily minutiae in the "voice" of the infant) were not enough. This overachiever has tapped the font of boringosity before the little bundle of joy has even shown us his/her pointy, cottage cheese covered head. Wife Micole is due to be induced in two days, so we're hoping to catch a video feed of the whole messy process.

vendredi, mars 11, 2005

The Cutesiest Little Portuguese Clip-Art Blog on the Web

Do you dream of eating a coconut with the dj Daniel in 1918? Mitsou (aka Teresa) does. She also loves kittens and Billy Ray Cyrus. This blog is so sweet, machuca os meus dentes. (Mr. Lopez knows he is French, but he picked up a little Portuguese while teaching at a kindergarten in Rio.)

I'm a Negative Creep

Mr Lopez always tells us in class about the power of the positive attitude. A cheerful demeanor will help us make friends, it will get us jobs when we are out of school, and it will help us overcome the obstacles ahead. Unfortunately, no one ever told this guy to turn that frown upside down, and thusly, you have the consumate blog of "the negative guy" - the guy who hates himself, hates you, possibly hates chinese people, hates his teachers, and hates himself for the hate, but will not let you ever try to talk uplifting sense into him. The good thing about being that guy is that you can always find a Florence Nightgale type girl who thinks all he needs is a little lovin' to turn that frown upside down. It's so true, I see it on Dr. Phil all the time after school.